About Us

Manpreet Singh Kochar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Music is a universal language that connects all. With this thought in mind, Manpreet Singh Kochar created A & M Studio. A music enthusiast and entertainer himself, he shares a close relationship with music and musicians. His 23 year long stint in the corporate world, has allowed him to use music as a tool to connect brands with consumers seamlessly.

Since, he worked with numerous artists of all genres and caliber, Manpreet understands their struggles. He decided to build a platform to promote budding talent in the field of music, a platform that is free of discrimination and gives equal opportunity to talented musicians.

The Studio scouts for talent in the most unlikely places. Whether in a corporate job, or a legacy business or unable to harness talent due to other issues. A&M Studio dedicates itself to finding the raw untapped talent in the midst of the ordinary.

A unique platform that paves the stairway to success and stardom, A&M Studio is here to turn dreams into reality.