Glory Guliani

Glory Guliani

Country Head - Canada

A singer/performer currently based out of Toronto, Ontario & originally from Ludhiana, Punjab.

Her artistic musical journey started when she was around four years of age. It started from taking theoretical singing lessons in school and participating as a singer as well as a dancer in school functions and competitions.

Her serious and professional approach and journey started with her participation in a national level Punjabi singing competition in Canada back in 2014. That was how her singing journey resumed yet again in Canada. She then went on to participating in many more shows and competitions and has absolutely loved being a trilingual performer to a variety of audiences.

Glory recently acquired her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is open to working full time in any sector for now and in the long run. In addition to that, she has also already been displaying effective management and leadership skills while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. That has made her a very strong influencer within the large community of budding musicians. She has now been chosen as the Company Head of Canada for A&M Studio. But, besides being a contributing professional to the industry of budding co-musicians, her own singing and performing is the food for her soul and she aspires to perserve this exciting endeavor while working towards making her mark to in the world!